Recent Activities


December 2007

Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic

Images of CUBA, JAMAICA AND DOMINICAN REPUBLIC . We visited Puerto Plato in Dominican Republic; Havana, Trinidad and Varadero in Cuba; and Montego Bay plus Negril, Jamaica during the Christmas holidays.


Summer 2007

letterpress wedding invitation

I designed my son's wedding invitation . I created a monogram with the first letters of each of their names and designed the wedding invitation, RSVP card and envelopes. Carl Heinz printed the pieces on his letterpress printer.


June 2006

tropical flowers

Explore the Caribbean. This trip covered Puerto Rico (San Juan and Ponce), a Carnival cruise to the islands of St. Thomas, St. John, Dominica, Barbados, and Aruba (then back to San Juan). Also included was Belize (Chaa Creek, spelunking, zip lining, hiking), and Guatemala (Tikal, Francis Ford Coppola's La Lancha, and Flores).


January 2006

The website howstuffworks.com contacted me and asked permission to use several of my images of Geisha and Kyoto. It's an excellent article that will tell you all about how Geisha work.



September 2005


flags of Scandinivia and Estonia


Get a glimpse of Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslo & Bergen, Norway, plus a train trip through the Norwegian mountains, and a cruise through the fjords. Then travel on to Stockholm, Sweden and its Absolut Ice Bar in the Nordic Sea Hotel, with Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia following.


August 2005

A postcard announcing WET Design's participation in the MTV Video Music Award show in Miami. Little did I know at the time I designed this that hurricane Katrina would add even more water!


Get Wet at the MTV 2005 VMA show



June 2005

A postcard announcing WET Design's new address and logo:

NewWet postcard

Logo designed by Claire Kahn Tuttle.


January 2005

Just for fun... and for Steve's yoga studio (named the Lotus Loft), I did this 4' by 4' painting of a lotus flower in acrylics.

painting of a lotus flower

January 2005

Seasonal postal stamps created for Creative Postcard Club:

Seasonal postal stamps


January 2005

Graphic Design USA award for Creating the Cauldron: Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games

GDUSA award


November 2004

The Fountains of Bellagio book published by WET Design:

The Fountains of Bellagio book cover

I designed this book for WET Design, the creators of the Fountains of Bellagio. The book is available at WET Design's website, the Bellagio retail gift shop Giardini plus Amazon/Borders.com online and Barnes and Noble online. There are also postcards and notecard gift sets as well.


October 2004

Halloween party invitation created for Creative Postcard Club:

Halloween party invitation for Creative Postcard Club


August 2004

Gallery invitation created for Creative Postcard Club:

Japanese Manhole Covers postcard

The assignment this round was to design a gallery invitation featuring our own work. I recently took my first trip to Japan and became fascinated with their incredibly artistic manhole cover designs, so I started shooting them (though not early enough in my trip, unfortunately). When viewing them all in a group, I could imagine shooting even more and creating quite a collection that could serve as an art exhibit or as posters. The manhole image on the invitation has been altered in color in Photoshop. I wanted to punch the image up to make it look more mysterious and grab one's attention. Since the postcard is so small, it wouldn't have done the original manhole covers justice to have more than one image on the invitation, so I went for one dramatic image. It would be fun to have the straight unaltered images along with Photoshop treatments in a gallery exhibit. The gallery info on the card design is really lacking in information, but if it were a real show, I'd obviously have more contact and location information.

See the Japanese manhole cover photos I took.


May/June 2004

Visited Japan for 10 days, spending time in Tokyo and Kyoto with a side trip to the small town of Nara. I also photographed Japanese manhole cover designs. I have posted a lot of images to my site. Visit Japan!


January 2003-March 2004

I've been doing quite a bit of work involving book publication over the past year. I designed the cover for Stephen G. Moyer's book "Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors" as well as helped with edits. The book should be going to press in November 2004 and will be available on Amazon as well as with J. Ross Publishers

book cover for a book about distressed debt investing

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